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The new Goldendoodle online community!

This is the new Goldendoodle online community.

We are dedicated in providing the most accurate information about Goldendoodles along with pictures and puppies for sale and rescue. See our Goldendoodle Puppy Information page.

What's New?

Take part in the Goldendoodle community, become a DogBreed.org member today. It's free to join! Register Here

New Goldendoodle Pictures!
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Sheldon is a Male Goldendoodle from Louisville, KY. USA

Chrisri Sali
Chrisri Sali is a Female Goldendoodle from Cape Town, South Africa

Chrisri Cody Autmn Lad
Chrisri Cody Autmn Lad is a Male Goldendoodle from Cape Town, South Africa

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